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Welcome to KayserBetten – we manufacture individual care cots for special people!

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About us

Experience and innovation

Special people deserve special beds, beds that suit their needs and we at KayserBetten manufacture them.

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Beech tree wood from sustainably managed forests, traditional craftsmanship and the most modern technology – when it comes to quality we have the highest demands on both, our suppliers and our processes.

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Our philosophy

for us all and the environment

Sustainability is a big word - we take it seriously, when chosing our materials and beyond

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Torsten Kappenberg and Peter Kayser develop products for people with special needs. It's their mission to build care cots that live up to the highest quality demands and individually serve every child, supported by a team of 50 highly motivated employees.

FAQ - parents


How long are your lead times?

Our lead time for standard beds are currently 3-4 weeks. For bespoke beds we require 7-8 weeks.

What do I need to do to get a care cot from KayserBetten?

Just contact us to know more about a care cot from KayserBetten. We will happily advise you or give you the contact details of your local dealer and explain the next steps on your way to your new care cot from KayserBetten.

Does a white bed cost more? If yes, then why?

Yes, due to a higher workload prices vary according to the size or variant of a care cot. We will happily provide you with an individual offer via your dealer.