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"Working with solid wood is part of my daily work as a joiner. It is very satisfying to know that our care cots and my daily work contribute to improve the lives of children and their families.

Christian Aldrian Tischler


Every bed tells its own story

Made to measure – our department for bespoke products  will make sure that your care cot from KayserBetten meets your individual needs. It's been our mission ever since we started to manufacture care cots for disabled children to provide every child with specials needs with the right care cot. The right care cot has to be of a high quality and must compensate the physical restrictions of a child as best as possible, provide maximum safety for the child and also makes nursing significantly easier by means of height adjustment and other functions.

Often a bespoke bed will involve special sizes both in the basic dimensions as well as the height of the rails. Other times, it is the design request or technical necessity that makes a special design neccessary.

Kayserbetten Werkstatt Bohrer

Every child will get the right care cot from KayserBetten – we…

  • can offer special sizes both in the basic dimensions as well as the height of the rails
  • can make the cot to size for the specific measurements of a room
  • can apply design features
  • find a solution for every technical problem

Please contact us without any obligation in case you are interested in a bespoke care cot from KayserBetten. Describe to us which individual needs you have and our friendly staff will be happy to assist you.

Telephone: + 49 (0) 51 63 / 65 95

Kinderpflegebett Timmy 1 - Sonderbau

Select your favourite colour

We offer a large choice of colour which allows for the cot to be made in the favourite colours of your child.

Kinderpflegebett Timmy 2 - Sonderbau

Complete bed in selected colour

KayserBetten can make your care cot to blend in with the colour scheme of your child's bedroom

Kinderpflegebett Ida 8 Türen Sonderbau

Head and foot part with natural colour

To feel well your child needs a different look than wood or acrylic? No problem, design your care cot from KayserBetten to the needs of your child!

Kinderpflegebett Emma 2 Sonderbauten weiß mit 2 Absenkgittern

All white

Our beds are not just meant to be functional they should also blend into the overall interior of your home.

Kinderpflegebett Emma 2 Sonderbauten natur mit 1 Absenkgitter und Schubladen

Storage space

Where to put all those things? Well, under your bed of course! At KayserBetten we can also fit storage drawers to your bed.

Kinderpflegebett Olaf 98 270 Grad Türen

270° doors

You need full access to your bed? Then our 270° doors are just right for you!

Kinderpflegebett Olaf 98 Sonderbau

Free colour choice

Your colour concept, our job!

Kinderpflegebett Hannah Sonderbauten zusätzliche Tür in natur

Additional doors on the short side

Access from the short side is important - we can offer just that!

Kinderpflegebett Hannah Sonderbauten farbig mit Dachschräge

Fitting to a sloped roof

Build to measure? No problem! We can make your care cot to the individual measurements of your room.

Kinderpflegebett Hannah 170 Sonderbau

Acrylic instead of wooden bars

Does your child love climbing? Acrylic windows in the upper section of the cot can prevent this and offer additional safety.

Kinderpflegebett Sonderbauten Spezial natur

No rails needed?

You require a bed with electrical height adjustment but no rails? Then our special care cot with height adjustment and adjustable head- and foot rest.