Kinderpflegebett mit Abpolsterung Mutter mit Kind


Different padding for different needs: You determine the height, colour, type of attachment and material.

A padding in the childcare bed can effectively protect your child from injuries in case of uncontrolled motor activity. You can choose to equip every Kayser bed with padding.
Whether all four bed sides or only individual segments are padded, in different heights and colours: You determine the equipment according to your individual requirements. So that your child remains optimally protected against self-injury.

Kinderpflegebetten Polster Übersicht


The padding is attached with Velcro tape and can be removed. For a permanent attachment, the padding can be mounted on a plate and firmly screwed to the bed. In this case, a firm board (15 mm) and Polylam (15 mm) with artificial leather covering are used.


As upholstery material we use Polylam (28 mm) with a sweat- and saliva-proof artificial leather cover with zipper, hard-wearing rucksack nylon "NEVO" or the particularly robust truck tarpaulin fabric.

Types of padding

Whether with or without a window cut-out, whether across the edges or not: there are several options for the shape of the upholstery. We will be happy to help you find the right variant and also advise you with regard to ventilation.

Kinderpflegebett Hannah 98 natur und mittlere Polster

Hannah with padding

Many children need padding for self-protection due to their medical condition. The padding must also be specially adapted to your child. We have various design options. Design the height of the padding, tell us which surface material is best for your child and feel free to choose your favourite colour for the padding on the next page. We are also happy to help you with the thickness of the material or the filling material for the padding.

Kinderpflegebett Olaf 135 natur mit Polster und großen Fenstern

Window and door sections

In order to allow visual access to and from the cot we offer another option: Paddings that have windows in the door section. The window sections are made from makrolon and acrylic. Should you choose a padding with windows we recommend to put the padding onto a solid board.

Kinderpflegebett Timmy 1 natur mit Polster vorne unten

Lowerable lattice

To lower the grids, the padding of the corresponding grid must be removed. To adjust the lying surface, the pads can remain on the bed.

Kinderpflegebett Emma natur mit Polster und geschlossen

Over the top edge padding

Our over the top edge paddings protect patients which could injure themselves in case of uncontrollably hitting the edge of the cot.

Colour choice padding

Chose your padding material followed by the colour. We offer sweat and saliva resistant faux leather, the extremely hard-wearing lorry cover material or very robust nylon "Nevo".

The displayed RAL tones are only an approximate representation of colour. They are meant to give an orientation within the colour range.
Please order a colour sample before ordering

Colours faux leather


Colours Nevo

Oyster white
Carmine red
Cobalt blue
Jet black

Colours lorry cover

Pure white
RAL 9010 - Pearl white
Light grey
RAL 7035
Light ivory
RAL 1015
Rape yellow
RAL 1021 - Colza yellow
Signal yellow
RAL 1003
Deep orange
RAL 2011
Carmine Red
RAL 3002
Cobalt blue
RAL 5013
Ultramarine blue
RAL 5002
Gentian blue
RAL 5010
Light blue
RAL 5012
Yellow green
RAL 6018
Opal green
RAL 6026
Moss green
RAL 6005
Silver Grey
RAL 7001
Dusty grey
RAL 7037
Anthracite grey
RAL 7016
Jet black
RAL 9005
Chocolate brown
RAL 8017