Kinderpflegebett Timmy1 mit Wickelauflage

For the best care possible

If a care cot from KayserBetten is not only for your child to sleep in, but rather also as a place for care and therapy, then the following accessories will make your everyday life easier.

  1. Removable posts
    The removable posts provide a freely accessible surface for carrying out therapies.
  2. Therapy mat
    A mulitplex board with foam and leatherette cover offers a solid base for therapy.
  3. Bedpost extension
    As a replacement for castors.
  4. Changing mat
    Can be attached to the side of the bed, easy to set up. Needs very little storage space 
Kinderpflegebett Hannah 170 mit externer Türsicherung

For even more safety

A safe standing of the bed and additional protection against unintentional climbing out - with the following accessories we provide maximum safety, which especially active children often need.

  1. Rail covers acrylic/ net
    To prevent children from reaching through / getting stuck in the bars we offer protective covers. Acrylic is particularly suitable for cots with lowerable lattices and doors, the net can only be used on cots with lowerable lattice.
  2. Climb-over protection
    The climb-over protection prevents your child from climbing over the top, available in three sizes.
  3. Protection against tipping over
    Gives additional stability to the bed. Often selected for very active children, either as an additional safety or instead of wall mounting.
  4. External door lock
    Gives additional stability to the doors, the doors can neither be pushed to the outside nor pulled towards the inside.
  5. Additional door lock
    For beds with front doors which can be damaged by very active children.
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  1. Climb-over protection acrylic
    With acrylic glass
  2. Climb-over protection net
    With very tight net
  3. Climb-over protection bars
    Classic version with bars
Kinderpflegebett Hannah Sicherheit
  1. Extension bars
    Fill the space between the top of the care cot and the ceiling.
  2. Wall mounting
    Allows for the care cot to be attached to the wall.
  3. Manual Switch box with or without cable routing
    Switch box for safe installation of electronis outside the bed, for example a motor frame.
  4. Leatherette
    For fastening the opened doors
  5. Extension bars for EMMA 2                                                                   Practical bars, which get installed at a later stage when the child - due to improved motoric skills - requires extra protection
Kinderpflegebett Einstiegshilfe

For greater mobility

The motor functions of children differ a lot. Therefore, our various entry aids don't just help the child to get in and out of the bed but also help stimmulate the child's development. 

  1. Trapeze bar
    Includes a mounting for independent change of lying position.
  2. Castors
    High castors make the bed more mobile and accessible with a hoist.
  3. Access support
    Playful interaction when sliding and crawling.
Kinderpflegebett Hannah mit Bettkästen und Dachhimmel

For the right environment

At KayserBetten we put focus on functionality and safety. However, we also want to offer accessories that are both, practical and decorative.

  1. Underbed drawer
    Lots of storage space: Our underbed drawers are installed on small rolls and can individually be rolled under the bed.
  2. Skids
    More stability: A fixed alternative to our castors - available for IDA and EMMA.
Kinderpflegebett mit Spielbogenstange und Schlauchführung

For medical care

Depending on the disability and the type of care cot our accessories bring you numerous improvements - for instance a hose routing which still guarantees safe access to and from the bed.

  1. Rod for hanging toys or infusions
    The rod can be attached to the bed and can carry max 7.5 kg 
  2. Hose routing bed posts
    Prevents hoses from being squeezed between the doors.
  3. Shelving
    Can be attached on the short side of the bed, practical for any medical equipment.
  4. Hose routing for lattice doors
    Allows for safe handling of doors on beds with lattice