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The KayserBetten care bed TOBI offers very active and auto-aggressive children a protective place to sleep and retreat.

Who is TOBI suitable for?

Our TOBI bed is specially designed for very active and auto-aggressive children. These children need safe places where they are protected from endangering themselves and also to protect the people and object in their surroundings. Our TOBI offers exactly such children a place of retreat. The bed consists of a solid wooden frame with an attached net. This elastic net allows children to fully exert themselves physically and then calm down again. The net absorbs the force of the punches and kicks so that all the impact is absorbed. It can be observed that the children quickly relax again. Compared to beds in which children have direct contact with wood or acrylic glass, the net inside the TOBI bed prevents any noisy material contact.

All solid wooden parts facing to the inside are additionally padded so that there is no risk of injury even in extreme cases.


The solid beech wood frame is assembled and the net is attached. The fine-meshed net is almost transparent when viewed from the inside out. The bed always has a constant internal height of 180 cm which allows that children have enough space to stand upright in the bed.

The net, which is also flame-retardant, not only makes this bed a place for a child in need of a safe environment when experiencing a challenging behavior but also gives the bed a very cosy, tent-like atmosphere. This means that our TOBI can quickly become a place for adventures.

  • Available with nets in white, sand beige or anthracite
  • Particularly suitable for very active and auto-aggressive children
  • No self-harm possible

Special dimensions

  • Overall height not changeable
  • Standard length 200 cm, also available in optional lengths from 190 to 220 cm, in steps of 10 cm
  • Standard width 100 cm, also available in optional widths from 110 to 140 cm, in steps of 10 cm

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The KayserBett TOBI has a very elastic net so that children can fully enjoy their physical activity. The net is available in white, sand beige and anthracite. All colours are transparent and allow for very good visibility. The padding colours are selected to match the one of the net. All inward facing wooden parts are fully padded so that - even in the mist extreme cases - there is no danger for injury.

The following colours (net / padding) are available:

Technical data

Internal dimension 200 x 100 cm
Outer dimension 241 x 116 cm
Total height 219 cm
Entry height top edge of mattress
incl. 15 cm mattress
18 cm
Inner dimension
selectable in 10 cm increments
190 - 220 x 100 - 140 cm
Outer dimension Inner dimensions plus 41 cm x plus 16 cm
Total height 219 cm
Entry height top edge of mattress
incl. 15 cm mattress
18 cm