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Who is LOTTE suitable for?

LOTTE is a care cot for children of disabled parents, for example in a wheelchair. LOTTE enables them to nurse infants or small children. The floor clearance of 75 cm gives easy access and the 65 cm high doors protect children from falling out.

Construction & features

Adjustable height electrically. Using an electric motor, the height of the sleeping platform is adjusted precisely to the required nursing height of 101 cm by simply pressing a button. This is also gentle on the back if providing care while standing. As the sleeping platform can be lowered to 41 cm (upper edge of the mattress), the child can learn how to get in and out of bed and improve their motor skills.

The locked doors can be easily opened and closed with one hand. We have plenty of accessories available, such as a rod for hanging toys, which allow you to create a space for your child not only to sleep but also to play in.

  • Doors that can easily be opened with one hand
  • Care that is gentle on the back
  • Extra low setting for easy access

Sleeping platforms



Additional accessories

Technical data

Modell LOTTE
mit 60 cm height adjustment
Lattice height 65 cm
Inner dimensions 120 x 60 cm
140 x 70 cm
Outer dimensions 142 x 101 cm
162 x 101 cm
Overall height 109 cm - 169 cm
Access height mattress (10 cm high)
incl. 13,5 cm castors
min. 45 cm - max. 107 cm