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Hannah 170

Who is HANNAH suitable for?

HANNAH was specifically designed for children with restless motor activity. This is a large safe cot to prevent children from harming themselves. Due to its high rails HANNAH is the right care cot for children who get out of the bed in an uncontrolled manner. It is also ideal for children who - despite disabilities - can get in and out of the bed by themselves.

Design, therapy & nursing

HANNAH 170 has 170 cm high doors. As a standard one side of the bed is fitted with four door elements. With one of our motor driven sleeping platforms the mattress height can be adjusted from 55 to 95 cm allowing direct access from a wheelchair and easing nursing for the carer. An external door lock prevents doors from being pushed open from the inside. The mattress can be delivered with a sown on faux leather cover, giving extra safety.

  • Door height 170 cm
  • Platform height - incl. mattrace (10 cm) - min. 55 cm - max. 95 cm (with height adjustment)
  • Very stable construction
  • Suitable for very active children
Zinc yellow
RAL 1018
Sulfur yellow
RAL 1023
Flame red
RAL 3000
Carmine red
RAL 3002
Beige red
RAL 3012
Antique pink
RAL 3014
Light pink
RAL 3015
Heather violett
RAL 4003
Blue lilac
RAL 4005
Traffic purple
RAL 4006
Signal violett
RAL 4008
RAL 4010
light blue
RAL 5012
Cobalt blue
RAL 5013
Sky blue
RAL 5015
Pastel blue
RAL 5024
Moss green
RAL 6005
Yellow green
RAL 6018
Light green
RAL 6027
Anthracite grey
RAL 7016
Dusty grey
RAL 7037
Jet black
RAL 9005
Pure white
RAL 9010
Traffic white
RAL 9016

Sleeping platforms

mattresses and covers



Additional accessories

Technical data

Modell HANNAH 170
Door height 170 cm
Inner dimensions 170 x 90 cm
200 x 90 cm
200 x 100 cm
Outer dimensions 185 x 108,7 cm*
215 x 108,7 cm*
215 x 118,7 cm*

*Outer dimensions incl. external door lock
Allover dimensions
plus 7 cm head caps
220 cm
220 cm
220 cm
Access height mattress (10 cm high) min. 55 cm - max. 95 cm
min. 55 cm - max. 95 cm
min. 55 cm - max. 95 cm

Aid numbers

Bettgröße / Einlegerahmen Hilfsmittel-Nr.: Pflege-Hilfsmittel-Nr.:
200 x 100 / KR5

200 x 100 / KR6